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What makes us different from any other restaurant?

Since Halal tourism growing up so fast and playing an important role in a business world, it has become one of the most promising sector in the industry. But the most significant role of Halal not only about its possibility in the tourism industry, but as a strict regulations which is expressed by The Holy Quran and Sunnah that required to be followed by all Muslim. In the reality, Japan is still running in the very low level to facilitate Muslim travelers, which takes a quite big part for the influx, with the proper Halal tourism.

Though it came with a bunch of challenges, this prospective opportunity has moved us, PT. Ads Indo Perkasa to finally initiate “Asmarasa” as a Halal restaurant in Gotemba – Japan, that serves not only for a Muslim, but also locals and foreigner. “Asmarasa” consists of two words namely : “Asma” which means ‘a good name’ in Arabic and “Rasa” which means ‘taste’ in Bahasa, that when they go completely together, Asmarasa has a specific meaning as ‘love’. Inspired from the stylation of “bunga kecombrang” or torch ginger flower that used as the key seasoning for some authentic cuisine around Southeast Asia, the logo itself chosen to represents Asmarasa as Southeast Asian cuisine restaurant.

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